Purchase ‘Moonlight through the Velux window’

Design: Lorna Faye Dunsire
Photo: Joanna Sedgwick

‘Moonlight through the Velux window’ (incl. UK postage)


‘Moonlight through the Velux window’ (incl. Rest of World postage)


NB we are currently in the final stages of readying for publication, and expect that copies will be ready during the week beginning May 27th.

Praise for ‘Moonlight through the Velux window’:

“Like so much great poetry, ‘Moonlight through the Velux window’ revels in tangential memories and significant deaths, in characters and concepts set softly in authentic nature, one moment urbane and witty, the next scalpel-sharp in torment. This is a breath-taking debut.” Matt Nicholson

“Here’s a debut pamphlet full of invention; one that takes the reader from Midlands suburbia to an America charmed by the oddity of Englishness, accompanied along the way by a cold grandmother and a loving surrogate; an overloaded Chrysler and two Cabbage Whites. Adrian Salmon’s is a fresh, assured voice which shares small moments, like the cats that flow from garden to garden, and the visual surprises of a world seen without glasses. It happily celebrates the basic income of being human.” John Foggin

“Gentle, generous and precise, what I admire most about this book is its humility – how Adrian Salmon finds wonder and depth in the details of everyday experience. An intelligent and honest new voice which left me feeling both moved and reassured by the profundity of the familiar, and by the capacity of language to capture it.” Clare Shaw

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